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Your health should be a main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks.  Whether you want to lose weight, have a better diet, get back in shape after having a baby or understand how to perform better for a sporting event, I am here to help you.

Supporting you with personalised nutrition plans together with weekly 1 to 1 meetings,  I will coach you on how to stay on track to achieve your goals.

Take a look at my services I offer and please get in touch if you have any questions or to arrange a free consultation.


Behaviour Change Coaching

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Nutrition & Weight Loss Programme

A Healthier You

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Peak Performance

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Getting the balance right

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Like so many women I seem to have spent most of my life on a diet. Yo Yo dieting only helped me to feel bad about myself.

In 2015 I decided to take control rather than food controlling me.  I learnt what food was best to keep me full for longer, which foods were the best to fuel me and learnt to count macro nutrients as well as calories.

I have kept the weight off for over 4 years.  Learnt to enjoy and have a more positive relationship with food.  Now armed with the knowledge from recognised nutrition courses, I want to help other women who have struggled with their weight and relationship with food.

Jane Webber


Working with Jane has changed my life. I weigh less than I did before having children (20 years ago), I feel energised and better informed.

I’ve tried EVERY diet out there, and yes, in the short term I lost weight, however I couldn’t keep it off. How can you relate food and exercise to calories and nutrition when it’s counted in points or sins?

Jane gives you the information you need to succeed, she looks at your personal life style and gives you help and advice that will enable you to succeed. It’s not a magic pill, you have to be honest with yourself but Jane will guide you along the right path in a non-judgemental way.   I always knew the weigh in was around the corner and it kept me on track and I knew that I could succeed this time, if I heeded the advice.

I actually understand how the body functions and the nutrition required to keep me feeling full and energised. Thank you!

Debbie, Wantage


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I am based in South Oxfordshire for meetings.  I also do phone and email consultations.

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