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Jane Webber Nutrition

About me!

What's behind my business?

Like so many women in the UK I seem to have spent most of my life on a diet.  Losing weight, regaining it (and more) only reinforced my low opinion about myself and self-esteem.


I knew my relationship with food was controlling me and in 2015 I set out to learn which foods were best for me, how to fuel my body in a healthy way and which exercises suited me.


I learnt how to count macro nutrients and not just calories and the penny dropped when I realised it was a lifestyle choice, not just a short-term diet.

I have now kept the weight off for 5 years and still counting.  I enjoy and have a more positive relationship with food and that I can go out for a meal without feeling guilty.

I went back to college to complete a group of nutrition courses recognised by Association for Nutritionists in 2018.  My proudest moment was passing my Royal Society for Public Health nutrition and well-being exams in 2019.

I am passionate about helping other women who have struggled with their weight and their self-esteem and that is why Jane Webber Nutrition started.  

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