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Midlife can be a hard slog for busy women

You are juggling, work, children, maybe caring for older parents.

Self-care takes a back seat. 

Been there and got the T-shirt!

When you think about your diet and fitness, you come out in a cold sweat and you push it to the back of your mind.

Shedding pounds and igniting your fitness sounds like a tough gig to many midlife women.

Strict calorie-controlled meals with energic workouts that you can’t keep up with.

What if there was another way to lose weight and improve your fitness that doesn’t involve a rigid regime of boring foods or hot sweaty workouts?

There is an alternative to get fit, look good, feel energic and make 2024 the year that your midlife becomes the best life.

The Balance Living programme has been created with midlife, busy women in mind.  It provides long-term benefits with small, easy and simple techniques that you can fit into your hectic lifestyles.

Working with us, you won’t feel hungry, no boring meal plans and treats are still allowed.  Exercise is fun and you get to choose what you enjoy, so the times just whizzes by.

Who is “us”?

Well me for the nutrition and weight loss side of things

Plus the lovely Jasmine Reddin who is a fitness coach, but not the usual type. 

She has been used by my clients in the past and we decided to collaborate in 2024.

We will be with you every step of the way, with daily support, weekly Zoom calls, guides for you to keep and advice that is tailored to you and no one else.

The Balance Living programme spaces are limited and there is a booking deadline.

Transformative Weight Loss and Fitness Journey for Women


We are looking for a small group of midlife women to join us from 1st February 2024.


12 weeks of nutrition for weight loss and fitness that is tailored to you and your lifestyle and habits.

Daily advice on food, nutrition, support and accountability and weekly

Zoom calls and guides.



Balanced Living is about helping midlife women

When it comes to fitness, that kicks in at week 4 and also runs for 12 weeks.


Exercises that are designed for your specific needs and that can be completed at home with sessions from Jasmine from Reddhot Fitness.

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Spaces are limited and asking for information doesn't commit you.

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