Feel Great in 8

It's not called a diet, it's called a healthy lifestyle

Based on my Habits that Help plan, I work with you over 8 weeks to reach your weight loss goals.

Starting with an in-depth food diary analysis,  we can pinpoint your pain points and work out how to overcome them.

Each week you get 

1 to 1 Personal advice that is tailored to your needs

Weekly zoom check-in call

Daily feedback on your food diary

Text or phone support

Weekly information worksheets 

Meal ideas and suggestions

I am the tiny person on your shoulder, whispering in your ear helping you to be accountable.  

I am your support buddy and a shoulder to lean on when the going get tough.

Your cheerleader and champion for your wins, which will be many!

£325.00 for 8 weeks

Discount if you have already attended my Habits that Help plan.

I offer a free discovery call so book yours in the form below.

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What Clients Are Saying about Feel Great in 8 plan

Jane has provided a relaxed & friendly space and I benefited greatly from focusing on my health and nutrition. 

I have learned to think ahead, anticipate situations and make wise choices.

I have lost over 1.5 stone, BMI down from 30 to 26 and lost over 24 inches.

I can highly recommend Jane.

Jane guided me through her 8 week plans with steps that were easy to follow, SMART goals and weekly tasks

No, it wasn’t always easy, but with Jane by my side, I rediscovered my love of food and lost my post-pregnancy weight.

Jane is firm, but friendly and doesn’t mind if you send her a late-night text usually starting with “HELP”

Working with Jane was fun, with the handouts I am ready to continue my healthy eating journey.



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