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Join my 7 day Habits that Help Nutrition plan

10 Habits, 7 days = a great way to kick start or get back on track with your eating habits.

Trying to lose weight, but don't know what's the best diet?

Tired of having no energy as you don't eat the right foods?

Keep trying restrictive diets that fail you?

Every other Monday a small group of women join me on my Habits that Help Nutrition Plan.

For just £125.00 for 7 days you get access to the following:

My Habits that Help Kickstart Guide

Habits that Help Food Guide

7 daily Habits that Help Guides

7 daily video Guides

Habits that Help tracking sheet


Daily advice and feedback on your daily food diary straight to your inbox or mobile each day


Access to my free Facebook Group

Habits that Help: Text

Here's what ladies are saying about the Habits that Help Nutrition Plan

Jane gave us lots to think about and suddenly I had a clear idea of what I wanted and how to go about achieving it.  I’ve had steady weight loss ever since, but even better, my body feels stronger and healthier as a result.

Jane is a terrific persona to have on your side if you’re someone who wants to re-evaluate your approach to planning and cooking healthy meals. 

She’s a real expert in her field of nutrition and I found her way of working so user-friendly when I worked with her recently. 



Habits that Help: Client Testimonials
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