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Are you afraid?

Many women come to me when they want to lose weight and they are afraid….

Not because I am scary, but because…

  • They are afraid to start – because they may fail

  • They are afraid to fail – because it reinforces the feeling of being a failure

  • They are afraid to ask for help – because they don’t know who to turn to

  • They are afraid to succeed – because they haven’t succeeded before.

It often holds them back and stops them making the first step in contacting me.

Sometimes they contact me and don’t make the next step of booking a free discovery call.

Even if they do go ahead with a free discovery call and we chat, they aren’t ready to make the next step in going ahead.

That’s not because they aren’t committed but they aren’t ready for the final step.

Needing to lose weight and wanting to lose weight can be 2 completely different things.

Needing to is often because someone like a medical professional has advised it. How many times have you said “I need to lose weight”… and you don’t start the next step on making a goal and the plan to lose weight?

The tipping point from “needing” and “wanting” can be weeks, months or even years.

Something happens that tips you to the “want”, but the afraid part is still there.

Afraid to start. Afraid to fail. Afraid to ask for help. Afraid to succeed.

Like any change, it can be daunting, and this is where I come in.

I know how it feels to be scared with it comes to losing weight. I had done “diets” so many times before, I was afraid to start again.


Well, the diets worked for a bit, but I kept on putting the weight back on.


Well I hadn’t learnt anything about healthy eating, healthy attitude to eating and most importantly that it’s not about “dieting” but long term healthy lifestyle.

I was in the corporate world for many years and ended up tired, drained and eating all of the foods that didn’t fuel me correctly.

In 2015 I took control by finding a nutritionist who helped me, plus a personal trainer who educated me on how to use the gym more effectively.

The nutritionist piqued my interest in nutrition and in 2017 I went back to college and gained all of my qualifications in 2019.

That’s how Jane Webber Nutrition started.

I never set out to start my business, but my live case studies for my exams said I was good at advice, support, accountability and knowledge.

I am the nutritionist who makes good nutrition easy with habits that help, and I am here to help women who are afraid to start losing weigh the healthy eating way.

I offer a free discovery call with no obligation, no hassling follow-ups, no spammy emails.

I will be your support coach, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on and most importantly a qualified nutritionist who has walked that path before and knows how hard it can be on your own.

Want to know more?

Book your free discovery call for my Feel Great in 8 nutrition plan for weight loss.

Not ready for that next step?

Come and join my free Facebook Group

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