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Christmas in Covid Times

Christmas is a time for being with family and friends. Eating, drinking and being merry especially as this year draws to a close.

Regardless of where you are living, I can guarantee you are living with some type of restriction for this festive time. Some of you may be on your own for the first time in years, so may not feel in the festive spirit. Many of you will have had your plans thrown out of the window.

In normal times, studies have shown that you could eat just over 5,000 calories on the actual day. That doesn’t include Christmas Eve, Boxing Day etc. 5,000 is nearly 3 times the daily limit for women, so you can see how easily it is to put on weight over just a few days.

Of course, you may not have as many people around this year, but if you have planned well the food has probably been ordered, delivered or already shopped in advance, so the temptation is still there.

It’s probably too late to bank some calories in advance, but here’s some ideas for the day itself.

Have a good breakfast.

Not a fry up or a handful of Quality Street. Look at a warm breakfast like porridge and fruit. Omelette with mushrooms or spinach. Can’t do a warm breakfast, then look at yoghurt and fruit

You don’t have to eat and drink it all!

Yes it’s in the house, but you don’t have to eat or drink it all. Be aware of your body and when you feel full, bloated, then stop eating or drinking. Eat with your mind rather than your eyes. What does that mean? Think about what you are eating and eat slowly and saviour the food.

Get some fresh air and walk?

It’s always good to get some fresh air, especially now when we are being prompted to visit in the open air. Stuffy rooms are no good for staying awake, so borrow the dog or the kids and pull on the wellies and go for a brisk walk.

Always good to be away possible arguments, bad TV or the horror of family games and you will burn calories

Drink Water

Keep water handy by your side. You can alternate your alcohol with water. Water will keep you hydrated, alert and sober.

Enjoy yourself

You may be on your own, so don’t dwell on being on your own, but arrange to speak with someone at an agreed time. Don’t feel obliged to cook a big meal on the day, this is a great time to eat what you love, so if it’s a curry, lasagne or a sandwich, then go for it.

Not with who you expected? Well, they may wish they were somewhere else too! This year has shown us that we need to be flexible, ready for change and grab opportunities when they show themselves.

Smile, find common ground and be thankful. Afterall it is just another day and it is what you make it.


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