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It’s a new year so many of you may be thinking about new eating habits.

January is promoted as “Veganuary” when people look at trying out a vegan diet.

This maybe a step too far for many of you but making sure you have more plants in your diet is really important as many of us don’t even get the recommended 5 a day in our diets.

What are the positives about having more colourful fruits and vegetables in your diet?

Consider the following:

  • Colourful foods have no preservatives and no added colour.

  • They provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, water and trace elements. No need to hit the supplements if you are getting your 5 a day.

  • Have a high water content - an excellent source of hydration for the body.

  • Are visually appealing. OK, who hasn’t looked at a beautiful and colourful salad and thought “wow, that looks lovely”

  • Their firm textures demand a good chew, so we eat them more slowly and feel full afterwards. Remember processed foods tend to be soft and we eat them really fast!!

  • Are as nature intended , unlike processed foods which are full of man-made chemicals and additives.

  • Are pure energy - living food.

Remember the following when cooking your vegetables

  • Heat does destroy the nutrients in colourful foods. Remember not to overcook your vegetables.

  • The effectiveness of fibre in cooked fresh foods is reduced, so just like above, don’t overcook your vegetables.

  • If you cook vegetables, always steam them lightly and aim to retain their 'crunch'!

Personally, I love vegetables, but not a lover of fruit, but I still make the effort to have fruit each day by topping my yoghurt with frozen or fresh berries. I add compote to my porridge, which I made myself from fruit from my garden.

How you add more fruit and vegetables to your daily intake it your choice, but remember it shouldn’t be a chore, but enjoyable, so hit your favourite website or social media platform for ideas and recipes for inspiration.

Don't discount frozen fruit or vegetables as a poor relation to fresh

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