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Want to bounce into Spring, feeling energised, looking great in your clothes and breaking old eating habits?

Join my Free 4 day Feel Great Challenge starting 12th April.

"Spring clean yourself and become the woman you want to be"

If Winter has the courage to turn into Spring, who says you can't bloom just the same.

Do you recognise yourself?

  • Want to eat healthy but feel lost?

  • Not loving the reflection in the mirror?

  • Favourite clothes feeling tight?

My 4 free 4 day challenge is just right for you.  This is what we will cover over the 4 days.

Day 1.  Explore where you are here & now

Day 2.  Create your dream you

Day 3.  Food vs. Mood & struggles

Day 4. Dream to reality actions

Plus on Day 4 join me as I host a live Masterclass on the 3 things I learnt on my own healthy eating and well-being journey. I would love to share these with you.

Finally, win a free 60 minute nutrition consultation with me. I will announce the winner at the Masterclass on Thursday night.

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I want to take part!

Click the image to register

12th to 15th April


Who I am?

At the age of 55 I realised whilst my career in the corporate world had been very successful, my health and well-being has suffered.

I found someone who helped me with improving my eating habits and assisted me in making my exercise routine more productive.

Because of this, I retrained as a nutritionist and in 2019 Jane Webber Nutrition was formed.

I am passionate about helping women who need that help with sustainable healthy eating habits.  Understand the relationship between food, mood, time and old habits.

I aim to make good nutrition easy with Habits that Help.

I can't wait for you to join my Spring 4 Day Challenge so I can help you.

April 4 Day Free Challenge Image.png

Yes I am want to join you!

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12th - 15th April 

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