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When you know it’s time to lose weight, you know!


But I needed help… and this is where Jane came in.  I needed accountability, you get this with Jane.  I needed guidance and learning about nutrition, and you get this with Jane… and someone to talk to…. Yes, Jane provides this too.

I dropped 3 dress sizes!  Can fit back into my old clothes (some even hung off me!)  The nicest thing is being able to go and shop for clothes in any store.


The most important thing that I have got working with Jane Webber Nutrition is that I am still using Jane’s “Healthy Habits” and keeping the weight off.  I still have a target I would like to reach and I am still doing this, as I write.


I highly recommend Jane and I really miss our weekly chats.

Claire - 2022

Healthy Salad

Having put on quite a bit of weight over the last few years, I’ve tried endless regimes and diets, with no lasting success.  Jane’s approach is pragmatic, honest, and realistic, taking into account lifestyle and social challenges. No faddy dies or nonsense, just making smarter choices based on education and accountability.


Crucially for me, it’s not time-consuming or complicated and works towards maintainable changes to habits.  Jane has given me the information I need to continue alone and I’II still think twice before buying an unhealthy snack, even if I don’t have to own up and send her a photo!


Highly recommend.  I’II miss our weekly chats!

Natalie - 2022

I asked Jane for help as I had completely lost my self-confidence, as I just didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and one of my favourite clothes would fit.  

She taught me how to understand & choose the best food to eat for my busy and varied lifestyle, while gently moving me away from less wise choices, all in a kind and supportive way. 

She gave me solid advice for every meal and support to keep going so that now I have finished the programme, I feel confident in choosing what foods work best for me and will be able to sustain my long-term healthy eating while still having treats. 

Overall I have lost a stone in weight and 2 dress sizes while working with Jane and now feel so much more confident and happier in myself (and my favourite clothes!) again. 

Thank you so much, Jane, your programme is fantastic.

Cathy - 2023

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